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Active Drivers Plus are inverters for controlling and controlling hydraulic pumps and find their naturalness

application in constant pressure pumping systems: domestic, industrial and agricultural.

Thanks to the OLED display you have an extremely simple and intuitive graphic interface. Viewing or changing any parameter is extremely simple, this simplifies maintenance.

Installation is very simple thanks to the assisted installation, the inverter asks the user for the necessary parameters to be configured.

The Active Drivers Plus allow a reduction in power consumption, thanks to the inverter technology and at the same time guaranteeing maximum comfort thanks to constant pressure.

They are extremely versatile because they do not require external sensors and non-return valves, in fact inside they have a pressure sensor, a flow switch, and a non-return valve.

The advantages of Active Driver Plus are:

– comfort thanks to constant pressure.

– energy savings thanks to inverter technology.

– more silent operation

– compactness

– all integrated protections: dry running, amperometric, anomalous voltages, overtemperature and frost.

Informazioni aggiuntive


Tensione di linea: 115-230V monofase

Tensione elettropompa: 115-230V monofase

MAX corrente motore: 11A

MAX potenza motore: 0.55KW (115V) / 1.5KW (230V)

Frequenza di alimentazione: 50 Hz – 60 Hz.

Installazione: verticale e orizzontale

Massima temperatura del liquido: 50°C.

Max. temperatura di esercizio: 50°C.

Portata max: 18 m³/h.

Pressione max: 13 bar.

Range di regolazione pressione: da 1 a 9 bar.

Diametro di aspirazione (DNA): 1 1/4” maschio.

Diametro di mandata (DNM): 1 1/2” femmina.

Grado di protezione: IP55.

Interfaccia di comunicazione per gruppi: SI un Active Driver Plus per pompa

Non necessita di valvola di non ritorno.

Dotato di display grafico.


4 kg